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Words drive business success

Words drive business success

Calvin Jones -- Creative Copywriter and Strategic Content Consultant

Words matter!

When it comes to your business it’s your words that capture your prospects’ attention, your words that keep them engaged and your words, ultimately, that convert them into paying customers.

Words drive value, grow revenue and increase profits. Choosing the right words is crucial to your online success.

I’ve been helping businesses like yours craft engaging, results-focused content for decades. In that time I’ve achieved a lot with words: I’ve written books (including several bestselling Digital Marketing titles), set up and grown niche content sites, and worked with many businesses and brands, large and small, to embrace the opportunity words offer.

Wielding words to deliver maximum impact is what I do best. If you want to harness the power of words to transform your business, just click the button below to get in touch.

One-off writing and content & projects

Get the expert help you need…

Whatever you’re looking for, from ad-copy to whitepapers, I can help. I’m happy to provide a fixed-fee quotation for any of your clearly defined writing projects. Where the scope is a little more fluid we can work out a suitable retainer-based fee schedule for the duration of the project. Some of the writing projects I routinely help clients with include:

Online Content

Your website is the hub of your digital world. For your key pages, you need engaging, goal-orientated content optimised for conversion and search. Where results are critical, it pays to hire a professional.


Print Marketing

Digital marketing doesn’t replace traditional marketing; it just augments and expands the potential for engagement. Well-executed print and media campaigns still deliver superb results. I can help with your print copy too.

Email Marketing

Every year some pundit or other announces the demise of email as a marketing tool… and every year they get it wrong. From simple email newsletters to lead-nurturing autoresponsers, email’s role is constantly evolving, and it remains one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.

Lists and Lead Generation

Creating valuable long-form content (reports, whitepapers and e-books, for example) is an excellent way to add targeted prospects to your permission-based email list and funnel leads into your automated marketing process.

Whatever your content project, I can help — click on the “Get a quote” button and let me know what you need

 Ongoing writing & content support

Add a pro writer to your team…

I work with a small number of clients on a monthly retainer basis. Working with a business regularly in this way gives me a real feel for your business, your customers and what makes you tick. It streamlines the effectiveness of writing and consulting and gives you the services of an experienced writer/content specialist when you need it.

Retainers start from just €500 per month so get in touch today and get my content, digital marketing and copywriting expertise on tap for all your projects.