Empire... epic fantasy by Calvin Jones, now available as a paperback

There’s nothing quite like having a physical copy of a book in your hands.

I love eBooks, and read pretty much everything on my Kindle these days.

But for some readers there’s nothing better than holding a physical copy of a book in their hands… the weight, the smell of the paper, the feel of turning actual pages. So I’ve decided to make my epic fantasy “Empire: Book One of the Bantara Chronicles” available as a trade paperback.

For now it’s available exclusively through Amazon here for the UK/Ireland, and here for US customers (or search your local Amazon store) — and will be available through additional distribution channels in due course.


If you’ve already read Empire, and are waiting for the second instalment in The Bantara Chronicles, rest assured it’s on its way. These things take time… which was in short supply in 2016… but I am working on it and will keep you posted.

Meanwhile if you wouldn’t mind heading over to your local Amazon store and leaving a review of the first book I’d be extremely grateful.