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Q: Why do I need a Copy Critique?

A: Because Effective Copy Drives Engagement, Sales, Revenue and Profit

Boost profits with a copywriting critiqueThe words you use on your landing pages, sales pages and product pages are among the most important you’ll ever write for your business. These are the words that compel your prospects to sign up for your list, guide targeted leads into your sales funnel and drive your revenue and profit to new heights. Without effective copy on your most crucial high-converting pages your business is leaving (a lot of) money on the table.

Your Business Copy Conundrum

The trouble is, while effective copywriting is a great investment, and done well it will deliver excellent, sometimes spectacular returns for your business, good copywriters don’t come cheap. For many smaller businesses, solo entrepreneurs and startups (perhaps yours included) it can be hard to find enough in the budget to stretch to copywriting services up-front, even when you know your content is critical to your success.

It’s a classic chicken and egg scenario. You need professional copy to drive sales and increase revenue, but until you generate revenue you can’t afford professional copy.

What’s a fledgling business to do?

Introducing Copy Critique: a convenient and affordable path to more effective copy

Luckily, there’s a solution. CJ Writing’s new Copy Critique service offers you the input of a web content professional on your most important pages, but without the hefty bespoke copywriting fees. With Copy Critique, you write your own copy (or nominate an existing URL). I then analyse it and offer recommendations on improving various elements of the copy (headline, layout, structure, call to action, language and tone, etc.). You then implement as many of my recommendations as your choose to improve the performance of the your site’s most crucial pages.

Who conducts your Copy Critique?

All of the copy critique sessions booked through this page are conducted personally by me.

My name is Calvin Jones, Digital Marketing author, content specialist and Owner/Principal Copywriter at CJ Writing. I’ve been working with all sorts of businesses across the web and around the world for the last 20 years, helping them maximise the effectiveness of their web content.

Now you can tap into that expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring me for a professional copywriting project.

How does your Copy Critique work?

  1. You select a Copy Critique package that suits your needs from the table below and submit an online booking request.
  2. I schedule your booking into my calendar, will advise you of an estimated completion date (usually within 2 weeks of payment, subject to availability).
  3. On or before that date I’ll email a report detailing general copy advice covering all pages, as well as specific suggestions, tweaks and amendments to improve conversion on individual pages.
  4. You implement the changes and reap the rewards of more effective copy.

*For Copy Critique purposes 1 page of Web Content = up to 500 words. Each additional 500 words, or part thereof, will be treated as a separate page.

Yes! I need a Copy Critique!

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