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Calvin Jones is a writer, author and online communicator helping businesses make the most of their content to deliver real value

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Who Is Calvin Jones?

Hi, and welcome to the site! I’m Calvin Jones, a freelance writer, author and online communicator. I write books, contribute articles to magazines, newspapers and websites. I also help businesses like yours to make the most of their online opportunity through harnessing the power of great content. The right content will attract, engage and retain more customers — generating more revenue, and growing your business and profits. I can help you with a specific writing project or with ongoing writing and consulting as part of your creative team.

Decades of web experience

I’ve been working with websites, my own and other people’s, since the late 1990s, and specifically with online content for more than 15 years now. Over the years I’ve learnt a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t, online and off, and have a knack for understanding what resonates with different customers for different businesses. Understanding Digital Marketing (co-authored with Damian Ryan) distilled a lot of my digital know-how and content expertise into what became one of the best-selling books on the topic in 2009 (first edition) and 2014 (second edition). Since then I’ve bee focusing on other projects, but continue to work with a select group of consulting clients on a retainer basis to share my digital expertise.

Wild about content

I’m also passionate about wildlife — and run Ireland’s largest wildlife and nature-related website over at Ireland’s Wildlife. Running a content-based website of my own allows me to combine my passion for writing with my love of wildlife, but it also means I’m actively engaged at the coalface of content marketing and all things digital for my own business. It keeps my knowledge and skills current, honing them so that I can deliver the best service to clients like you.

As well as working on my own sites, client content projects and freelance writing for a variety of publications, I also typically have at least one book project on the go.

If you want to find out more about me, and read some of my personal site 

About CJ Writing

CJ Writing is a Business Name registered in Ireland that I use as an umbrella to span my writing, including articles, books, websites, content and consulting work. I feel very fortunate that I can work anywhere with an internet connection, with clients all over the globe, to enhance the effectiveness of their online communication and deliver tangible business results.

While I can run the business from anywhere, home is an old schoolhouse in rural West Cork, on Ireland’s south coast, where I live with my wife, three daughters (who are almost “fully baked” at this stage), and an evolving cast of chickens (chickens are transient… they come, they go, numbers fluctuate… West Cork has foxes…. we have unexpected arrivals and departures… it can be tricky to keep track).

You’ll find me here most of the time… but every now and again my wife is beset by wanderlust, and we’ll head off on a crazy adventure to far-flung destinations around the globe.

Life is seldom dull.