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Content doubters be damned!

I've lost count of the number of hours I've wasted trying to educate potential clients about the value of effective content. If you're a content strategist or content creator you know exactly what I mean. You walk in to a room of executive level managers, and they...

What’s the real cost of cheap content?

I've done it, you've done it, I'm sure at some point we've all done it. You're in the market to buy something. Grabbing your laptop you start to explore the options. At first you look at established brands and high quality products or services your online contacts...

How to future-proof your SEO

Was your website hit by Google’s recent search engine algorithm updates? Did you see a negative impact on your rankings, your traffic and ultimately your revenue? Lots of websites suffered as Google rolled out various stages of its sequential Panda and Penguin updates...

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Empire… available as a paperback

I love eBooks, and read pretty much everything on my Kindle these days. But for some readers there's nothing better than holding a physical copy of a book in their hands... the weight, the smell of the paper, the feel of turning actual pages. So I've decided to make...

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Troubled waters — an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Empire

Amber woke with a start to a sound that was at the same time familiar and unsettling. The trill warbling of the willow thrush was a common sound during summer in the Silverwood; a bird that all young elven children knew well, and whose warbling call they often mimicked. It wasn’t a sound she expected to hear in the middle of winter on a river in the middle of Bantara at night.

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