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Content for SEO–Infographic

Creating high quality, relevant content is the best way to get customers to trust your brand, get search engines to consistently deliver targeted traffic to your website encourage wider sharing through social media and ultimately drive more business your way. Social...

Google still trouncing Bing on relevance

I had another look at Bing this morning. And soon wished I hadn’t Microsoft’s “decision engine”, disappointingly, is still trailing way behind search leader Google in the relevance stakes. The only decision I made based on the results delivered by Bing this morning...

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You never know

You never know when you get up in the morning what the day has in store. Oh, you might think you know. You might think you have it all worked out, that the online time management course you did worked, and you have your day all planned out. But what they never tell...

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Content doubters be damned!

I've lost count of the number of hours I've wasted trying to educate potential clients about the value of effective content. If you're a content strategist or content creator you know exactly what I mean. You walk in to a room of executive level managers, and they...

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What’s the real cost of cheap content?

I've done it, you've done it, I'm sure at some point we've all done it. You're in the market to buy something. Grabbing your laptop you start to explore the options. At first you look at established brands and high quality products or services your online contacts...

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Sir Terry Pratchett RIP

I don't normally post about news here, but feel compelled to this afternoon. I've just found out through the BBC Breaking News service that renowned fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett, has died aged 66. You can read the breaking news story on the BBC website here....

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