You can't manage time

You never know when you get up in the morning what the day has in store. Oh, you might think you know. You might think you have it all worked out, that the online time management course you did worked, and you have your day all planned out.

But what they never tell you is that you can’t manage time… you can’t alter its rate of passage, can’t slow or accelerate its inexorable march. You sure as hell can’t manage what time’s relentless progress brings your way.

Maddie hadn’t planned to be in this hospital waiting room today. She was meant to be at work. She glanced at her watch. Right about now she should have been delivering that big presentation to the board… the one she’d been working on for weeks… the one that would finally secure her that big promotion.

Yet here she was….

Author note: This “short-short” is just the germ of a story I wrote on my mobile while standing in my sister-in-law’s garden waiting for my wife on Friday afternoon. Although it’s (really) short, it kind of works as a stand-alone piece, so I thought I’d share it here, as much to capture the idea as anything else.