Empire FB Cover ImageSpring is traditionally a time for cleaning up and clearing out — so what better time to give the manuscript of Empire a bit of a spring clean?

I needed to re-read the book anyway (I did write the original more than 15 years ago now) so that it would be fresh in my mind as I work on the sequel. So armed with my trusty Kindle Paperwhite I dived right in, marking the little foibles and quirks as I went.

Remember I wrote the entire novel back in the day on an old Psion palmtop, so naturally typos were rife in the first draft. I caught most of them before letting it out into the wild, but not all. This time, hopefully I’ve cleaned up most of the rest — although undoubtedly some will have slipped through again. It’s practically inevitable.

While I was cleaning up the typos I also tightened up elements of the prose, and rearranged a few things here and there as I went along to improve the flow. I have to say, reading through it again, it’s a cracking story that deserves a follow up. I’m itching to know what happens next, which is always a good sign.

I’ll be working on the next instalment of The Bantara Chronicles over the coming months… stay tuned here for details.

Empire Cover Old


Empire: Book 1 of the Bantara Chronicles


Meanwhile, with the text revised, I also decided to have a stab at improving my (very) amateur attempt at a cover. I think you’ll agree the new version is a vast improvement on my initial effort. I do have a professional illustrator working on a “proper” cover for me — but wanted something better in the interim. So this is it.

To celebrate this revamp I’m dropping the price of Empire to just 99p / 99c from 01 April to 07 April on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com — so if you like fantasy this is a great time to grab yourself a copy. Remember — you don’t need to own a kindle to enjoy Kindle books — you can read them on the free Kindle reading app for Android, iOS or even your PC or Mac.

Happy reading — and don’t forget to leave an honest review on Amazon to let me (and other readers) know what you think once you’ve finished the book.