The Irish Wildlife Collection Volume OneNature writing is a big part of what I do. As well as writing nature related articles for magazines and newspapers, and creating content for my Irish wildlife hub, Ireland’s Wildlife, that also means harnessing my experience of content marketing to work with wildlife and nature related businesses to enhance their strategic content offering.

But I digress… back to the new book.

Some of you may have seen my Irish wildlife profiles on the back page of Ireland’s most popular family magazine, Ireland’s Own. They’ve been running (and re-running) there since 2001, and are incredibly popular. Over the years I’ve received many letters and emails from readers asking if there was anywhere they could buy a collection of the articles in book form.

The answer was always no… until now.

Thanks to the platform I’ve developed through Ireland’s Wildlife, and advances in online self-publishing options (I looked at the traditional publishing route, but self-publishing seemed so much more attractive for this project), I finally decided at the start of 2017 that it was time to pull together a collection of my wildlife and nature writing as a series of books.

So here it is… “The Irish Wildlife Collection: Volume One”.

This first book in the series, released under the Ireland’s Wildlife banner, is available through Amazon as a Kindle eBook or as a paperback (additional distribution options coming soon). It features a collection of my Ireland’s Own species profiles, punctuated with other Irish wildlife related articles that have featured in prestigious publications like BBC Wildlife, The Countryman, The Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner and others over the years.

You can get your hands on either a Kindle eBook or paperback edition below:

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