Understanding Digital Marketing 2nd EditionGreat surprise in yesterday’s post – my author copies of Understanding Digital Marketing, 2nd Edition arrived.

I have to say I really like the new cover design “in the flesh” and it’s fantastic to have an up-to-date version of the book out there. Great timing too – as It’s an excellent reference book to accompany the digital marketing mentoring work I’m doing with small to medium businesses at the moment through the Digital Business Hub programme.

If you haven’t seen it yet check out Understanding Digital Marketing on Amazon.co.uk or Understanding Digital Marketing on Amazon.com, or if you’re digitally inclined take a look at the Kindle edition of Understanding Digital Marketing.

If you’ve read it… please let us know what you think – ideally through posting a review on Amazon or on your own blog (just be sure to link back so we can find it easily).

I really hope that the book helps businesses get more out of their foray into digital marketing, and helps flatten the ludicrously steep learning curve faced by many businesses as they venture into the online marketing space.