Convincing prospects about the value of contentI’ve lost count of the number of hours I’ve wasted trying to educate potential clients about the value of effective content.

If you’re a content strategist or content creator you know exactly what I mean. You walk in to a room of executive level managers, and they simply don’t get it. Worse, five minutes into the discussion you know that they don’t want to get it.

Their business is just fine and dandy thank you very much… they’re immune to this thing called the Internet. Their customers already know them, and they’re happy to keep doing the same old thing, marketing to them in the same old way.

It’s scary how many businesses still think this way.

Now, I’m passionate to the point of evangelism about the power of effective content to transform business. I have access to data and the persuasive capacity to convince and convert even the most trenchant of doubters given time. But here’s the thing… I no longer have the inclination or the patience.

Time is precious… and my time is much more productively spent working with clients who already understand the value I bring them. So I’m done pounding that relentless treadmill trying to convince clients they need to invest in content.

You either “get” the content imperative, or you don’t… and if you don’t, good luck with that. I hope your business thrives and prospers, but somehow suspect the decline has already set in.

There are plenty of businesses out there who understand the value of effective content. Those are the clients I choose to work with. Doubters be damned… your days are numbered, and I for one am done trying to save you!

Image by Brandon.wiggins (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons