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Blog content is just another type of web content, right?

Well, yes and no….

While there is obviously cross-over, and the traits outlined below are more loose guidelines than actual content rules, here are a few crucial ways in which your blog content should differ from the corporate web content on your business website:

  • Web content encourages action; blog content drives interaction: your business related web content is focussed on conversion – driving visitors to take action and ultimately converting them into customers. Your blog content is different… it’s a platform to encourage engagement, start a dialogue and to foster relationships.
  • Web content is all business; blog content is more personal: your web content is professional and focussed on purely business; your blog content on the other hand, lets your personality shine through. While it will still carry the theme of your core business, the writing is typically much more open.
  • Web content is a platform for selling; blog content is more of a “value add”: as a business your web content is often your primary online sales channel. It’s the right place for that finely honed sales copy, your online landing pages and your call to action. Put sales copy in a blog too often and you’ll start haemorrhaging readers pronto. Your blog content is about supporting your core business by adding value.

Moving from writing effective web content to writing great content for your business blog requires a shift of mindset: you need to change the focus of your writing. But the fundamental considerations of effective writing still apply: know your readers’ needs, know your business goals and strive to strike that happy balance where both converge.

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