Copywriters and designers... a matching pairDesigners have a tough job. Understanding the brief, weaving the client’s needs into an aesthetic yet functional design, one that resonates with the target audience to deliver measurable results is a tricky business.

It’s even more tricky when the same client takes your winning design, throws in their home-brew copy… and then wonder why it’s not working. Naturally it’s never their copy that’s to blame… it’s your design that’s not delivering!

Sound familiar?

Adding value for your graphic design clients

Good copywriting and good design go together hand-in-glove. It’s the perfect synergy.

When the design and copy work seamlessly together the resulting website, flyer, brochure, (insert marketing collateral of choice), etc. is better by an order of magnitude. No matter how good the copy is, it will never achieve its potential without great design… and likewise, even the best design can’t deliver the goods unless it’s teamed up with great copy.

When designers and copywriters work together the result is always a better for the client. Period! Yes, it may cost more, but in terms of value it delivers in spades.

For the freelance graphic designer, teaming up with a pro copywriter to work on client projects makes a lot of sense – from off-line flyers to direct mail packages, PDF downloads to full corporate websites, teaming the right words with the right look and feel is what delivers results.

It can also help to differentiate your freelance design business from the pack – adding another string to your proverbial bow.

If you’re a designer, and want to add value to your client’s projects by working with a professional copywriter feel free to drop me a line.

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